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3 Free Online Games I recommend

Posted by on Jul 6, 2016

3 Free Online Games I recommend

There is more to free online games than just free MMORPG and FPS. Luckily for patient people and continuity lovers, there is also free web games directly playable in your browser. Most of the time these games features limited movement and action so you need to come on a daily basis to fully appreciate them.


I played it two years ago and what I remember is a pretty good-looking game with an addicting gameplay. In Travian, you need to manage a small village as romans, teutons or Gauls. This game is timed-base and each action or upgrade requires some minutes (at the beginning) or hours (the more you evolve the more time you’ll need.)

travian-kingdoms7There’s a great deal of villages around you and plenty of things to do in order to keep up with the upcoming enemies. What I also remember is a game where you were constantly based rape by clan or powerful individuals. What is frankly terrible about being frequently attacked is that, as a small village, you can not create enough troop in time to keep up to the enormous wave of axeman a no-life just sent you. And just to make things worse, the enemy also steal your resources and destroy your building so you can’t develop your village as long as you’re getting bullied.

panel-43330477-image-dfc44e97628c609c-320Furthermore, the ones that pay in order to play the game get far more advantages that the one that does not, like a waiting loop for being able to construct or research when you’re not there. There is even one-time fee advantages like the one that complete construction orders & research immediately. Combine these with little protection to newcomer’s village and you got a game that is really not easy to handle on your own.


Unlike Travian, Ikariam is not as tough with newcomers since your village start on a island with limited number of foes around (5 or 6). They  are often new or they don’t play the game anymore. If you’re terribly unlucky, you’ll get bully after a short time by your neighbors and the same nightmare will begin. ikariam (1)Fortunately, I think that small villages are not a target for clan or powerful people since it costs resource and time in order to plan an attack from oversea so they aim for a bigger reward. Speaking of time, I remember Ikariam as being terribly slow and somewhat boring if you haven’t been hooked by the graphics or the gameplay but I’m sure you’ll enjoy more a game where you won’t get base-raped!

Tribal Wars

Tribal wars is a medieval strategy web browser game where the gameplay really look like the one of Travian. You manage a small village and you try to capture other people’s land.

I first though that tribal wars was a pretty easy game since my neighbors were inactive and my village was growing up pretty quickly and without problems. Unfortunately, when I thought I had a pretty big castle, I was attacked by a ridiculously big army and even worse, I lost the only village I had in just three waves!!!

How do you wanna play through the same process again knowing you’ll probably lose your village in minutes? I think that this is a recurrent problem with web browser game featuring a city management against other players but unlike Ikariam, Tribal wars does not try to fix this unfairness in any way.

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